Feedback from Previous Workshop Participants

Loved all the fun we had! Was great to have body contact and share energy in a safe and joyful environment.  I loved the balanced feeling afterwards (J.S. Perth Aust)

Hi, B here wanting to share my exciting news – I am pregnant! and it’s all thanks to you and the power of Wu Tao for Two. J was unsure for so long about having another, but after that weekend his energy was open, his fear pushed aside and he said let’s do it!  (B.H. NSW Aust)

Better than sex but with clothes on! (D.B Perth Aust)

We had a great time at the work shop, we had not laughed so abundantly and held each other with such affection in a long time.  It brought us together again on a whole new level and it was some time out just for the two of us. There were some challenging moments when certain things came to a head cause energy was released and shifted through the dancing, but it was a great step forward. We both had been very stressed at work and as much as we tried not to let it get to us or between us, it did. The Wu Tao for two was the first step towards accepting that we have  great relationship and that it is a piece of art to keep it going and alive. We did a second workshop a few months ago and it was a great work out  filled with love and affection, and fights on the drive home after doing the wood dance, which looks at anger.  Again we took a big step forward and towards each other.  The flow  in our relationship is definitely a lot more stable and  harmonised, we have more time to listen and just be.Thankyou so much. (M. M. Perth Aust)

Nice to have some movement, different moves I wouldn’t normally pull on the dancefloor (which i am rarely on…). Nice to share with your partner, the movements feel ‘healthy’ too, and using most parts of the body! (J.H. Perth Aust)

I loved the beautiful movements, time with partner and the philosophy behind Wu Tao. I felt energy shift in certain parts of body & feel more light hearted in general. With my husband I felt closer, clearer and our energy harmonised.  (M.W. QLD Aust)

The workshop was intimate and it was nice to have a weekend away with my wife. It was a great experience. Thankyou for developing such a lovely dance.   (P.W. QLD Aust)

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