Retreat for couples

Bali 12th – 18th December 2012

Would you Appreciate 7 days with your Partner, Enjoying Quality Time,

Dancing, Playing and Loving each Other?

Imagine waking every morning in the arms of your beloved, having time to be together without the hassles of everyday life. You can enjoy a delicious leisurely breakfast and a walk along the beach before participating in an energising and balancing dance session followed by deep relaxation. Add delectable vegetarian cuisine more walks along the beach, deluxe accomodation in a peaceful location and you have the perfect formula for a blissful couples retreat.

dancing couple

Take your Relationship to a Deeper Level

Wu Tao uses the elements of nature as a guide to take you deep into the heart of Life’s energy.  It is often called ‘Being in the Flow.’ Exploring this space with your partner allows the opportunity for joy, energy, and peace to arise in abundance. To be centred in your own energy, unencumbered by limiting thoughts and patterns is our natural state and relating from this place is much easier and enjoyable. Through the processes explored during the week you will have the opportunity to release patterns that block your flow of energy and move into a space of intimacy and deep appreciation for your partner.

What will you receive from the retreat?

  • Rekindled passion!
  • Renewed ability to have fun and play with each other in a safe, supportive and fun environment
  • The release of anything that blocks your flow of love
  • More joy and energy
  • A Deeper connection to your Self, your partner and Life
  • Renew and Celebrate your Love!

Dancing with your partner is an enjoyable way to open up to the energy of Life and bring masculine and feminine energies back into balance.  It also gives you space to express who you are, release the things that block your flow and give space to your partner to do the same.

At the retreat you will have time to dance, love, talk, share, and listen to each other, supported by your experienced hosts Michelle Locke and Steve Richter.

Michelle is the creator and founder of Wu Tao – The Dancing Way®. Steve is a composer and musician who has created the original and evocative music for Wu Tao. Michelle and Steve have had many years experience in group facilitation, teaching, healing, breathwork and performance.  (For full bios please go to Together they have combined their unique skills with their shared spiritual passion and love to create this very special Wu Tao couples retreat.

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View some of the dance movements here:

The retreat will start at Ananda Cottages and Spa in Ubud and finish at the Ocean resort at Gaia Oasis in beautiful North Bali. Ananda Cottages and Spa is located in the cool, tranquil hills just 25 minutes walk from Ubud village centre, and offers lovely rural views surrounded by lush, green, fertile rice paddies.  In each cottage, the Balinese architecture and decor is of hotel standard with all the modern conveniences including air conditioing and exotic garden bathrooms conveying the essence of the tropics.

ananda superior roomananda pool

Gaia Oasis Beach Resort is a sanctuary of peace and tranquility chosen for its natural location, tranquil seclusion and uplifting energy.  The rooms are hand-made by the local Balinese and traditional customs have influenced the loving creation of each bungalow.

gaia bungalowgaia 2gaia restaurant

Included in the Retreat Cost:

• Private deluxe accommodation for each couple

• Daily Breakfast, Lunches and 3 Dinners (Some evenings free to sample the restaurants in Ubud).

• Filtered Water

• Teas throughout the day

• Fruit throughout the day

Two 1 hour massages per person

Take home DVD of the Wu Tao for Two Dances

Amenities include:

Four Poster King Bedrooms (Ananda)

Sp with Massage, manicure and beauty services

Magical water gardens and ocean outdoor pavilions to meet and reflect

Cafe, restaurant and bar

Swimming pool, sundeck and manicured lawns

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Retreat Price

The cost for the retreat which includes all of the above is $2597 per couple.  (excludes transaction fees)

Payment options

1.Full payment of $2597 per couple on registration

2.Non refundable deposit $1000 per couple on registration + final payment of $1597 paid 1 month prior to retreat start.

Cancellation Policy

No refund on deposit

75% refund on cancellation 3 months prior to event

50% refund on cancellation 2 months prior to event

25% refund on cancellation 1 month prior to event

No refund if cancelled less that 30 days prior to event.

massage massage  food food

Feedback from Previous Retreat Participants

Its been a great week over here in Bali, we’ve been able to really connect as a couple with the dancing.  Its something very special and unique for us.  Michelle and Steve are great people, great facilitators and great friends.  We thank them very much.  Neil Calder WA

We are very thankful to you both for the time we shared. The dancing was a fantastic way to spend some time together, reconnect and to look at our lives and where we are going.  Our children have been very accepting and when we showed them our dances, they joined in with us as we had the DVD on so they could see the movements. We have also started saying what we are grateful for as a family each night before we eat and doing a family meditation at night time before the older two go to bed. Thanks again Michelle and Steve, keep in touch and hope to see you both again in the near future.  Cindy Calder WA

We had a really good week with Michelle and Steve in Bali.  I loved Wu Tao and the dancing but I also came here to share some time with Julian and have time to sort things out and talk things through that we normally don’t have time to do.  We had that time, I was amazed at how much stuff came up when given the space.  We had a great time and I already feel some changes.  I am really glad we came and I definitely got what I came for.  Jess Flummix WA

For me it was a special experience, because I wasn’t really in touch with dancing.  Coming here for me was a big step, being a guy, not knowing what was going to await me in a country I didn’t know anything about.  Its been a very very good experience.  I must say I really enjoyed the dancing.  It was really good fun dancing and connecting with Jess through it.  I was amazed to see how much things about our relationship came up through the dances.  It was interesting and sometimes scary. Which was a testimony to how well Wu Tao works.  There were times when I was overwhelmed by what came up but being here with Steve and Michelle made me feel I was well supported and I could allow myself to actually let go and accept what was going on for me because I felt so well supported.  We are thinking of taking it further with Wu Tao and doing the teacher training.  Thanks again for providing us with this wonderful opportunity to participate in this retreat.  Julian WA

The thing I am feeling today is alot of joy and the joy in our relationship.  A sense of gratitude and excitement that we are confident that we are moving through together into a really lovely space.  The dancing is something is something we feel really strongly that we can take into the future together and develop it with each other.  Its a wonderful process and we have had the opportunity to work through some stuff in a good way to come to a point of resolution and the dancing has really helped that. We love it!  Terri Hogan WA

I feel alot more connected to Terri.  There have been things that have come up and they have just basically disappeared really.  It seems to be a lot easier on me than other things I  have done to try and rectify my thinking, thoughts or behaviour.  I feel really grateful that I’ve been given this opportunity to do this retreat.  Thank you Michelle and Steve!  Shaun Hogan WA

Loved all the fun we had! Was great to have body contact and share energy in a safe and joyful environment.  I loved the balanced feeling afterwards (J.S. Perth Aust)

Hi, B here wanting to share my exciting news – I am pregnant! and it’s all thanks to you and the power of Wu Tao for Two. J was unsure for so long about having another, but after that weekend his energy was open, his fear pushed aside and he said let’s do it!  (B.H. NSW Aust)

Better than sex but with clothes on! (D.B Perth Aust)

We had a great time at the work shop, we had not laughed so abundantly and held each other with such affection in a long time.  It brought us together again on a whole new level and it was some time out just for the two of us. There were some challenging moments when certain things came to a head cause energy was released and shifted through the dancing, but it was a great step forward. We both had been very stressed at work and as much as we tried not to let it get to us or between us, it did. The Wu Tao for two was the first step towards accepting that we have  great relationship and that it is a piece of art to keep it going and alive. We did a second workshop a few months ago and it was a great work out  filled with love and affection, and fights on the drive home after doing the wood dance, which looks at anger.  Again we took a big step forward and towards each other.  The flow  in our relationship is definitely a lot more stable and  harmonised, we have more time to listen and just be.Thankyou so much. (M. M. Perth Aust)

Nice to have some movement, different moves I wouldn’t normally pull on the dancefloor (which i am rarely on…). Nice to share with your partner, the movements feel ‘healthy’ too, and using most parts of the body!                                          (J.H. Perth Aust)

I loved the beautiful movements, time with partner and the philosophy behind Wu Tao. I felt energy shift in certain parts of body & feel more light hearted in general. With my husband I felt closer, clearer and our energy harmonised.       (M.W. QLD Aust)

The retreat was intimate and it was nice to have a weekend away with my wife. It was a great experience.           Thankyou for developing such a lovely dance.   (P.W. QLD Aust)

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