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Create more love, joy and deep intimate connection
in your relationship every day with this
dynamic and beautiful Dance workout DVD.

We believe relationships are naturally meant to be loving, fun, harmonious and intimate. A grand creative adventure that is easy and meaningful and where spending time in each others’ company is a pleasure.

We teach an intimate dance that can revitalise your relationship, through the most simple of means; spending quality time with each other.

Creating Wu Tao for Couples was a labor of love- an expression of what we share in our relationship. We want to share that with you and firmly believe that if you and your partner openly experience this for yourselves, you will awaken more of the love and abundance that every person seeks for their relationship.

If your relationship feels stagnant or nonexistent or you keep coming up against the same old problematic patterns, Wu Tao for Couples is a powerful tool for increasing connection and letting go of the issues in your relationship.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Michelle Locke and I am the founder and director of Wu Tao. For the past decade, I have trained many people in the art of Wu Tao, the modality that I have created based on the age old wisdom of Chinese Medicine in combination with my love of dance and life.  Steve came on the scene as the creator of the original music of Wu Tao, and later (after nature took its course!) we created Wu Tao for Couples together.

You can learn Wu Tao for yourselves through the Wu Tao for Couples DVD.

Through this step by step DVD, you and your partner will learn how to be more harmonious, peaceful and even resolve conflicts with each other by engaging in this beautiful dance, using the inherent wisdom of your body to let go and move through issues. Not only that, you will also be exercising and gently toning your body at the same time. Does this sound too good to be true? Try it for yourselves and have an experience of Wu Tao in your own home.

couples exercise

Wu Tao brings together simple dance movements that are combined with a flowing energy sequence that improve physical strength and flexibility, while balancing Qi or life force energy.  The movements are uplifting and challenging offering you and your partner a way to benefit from the support and energy of each other.

Thanks for sending us the Wu Tao for Couples DVD!  We had a powerful opening experience while learning the dances on the dvd and as a result we will be attending your retreat in Bali. Thanks again and see you soon. S & T Hogan Perth WA

The dances are based on meridian system of Ancient Chinese Medicine.  You may be familiar with other therapies based on Chinese Medicine such as Tai Chi, Chi Gung and acupuncture.  If you have tried any of these you will have experienced the benefits that happen from improving the energy flow (called Qi) in your body.

The fantastic thing is that Chinese Medicine works to improve not only your physical health, but on your emotional, mental and spiritual health as well.

This is because it works from the understanding that everything in you is connected, and all parts are working together to create an optimal state of balance and health on all levels.  This is why exercising your body in the correct way, brings your mind and emotions into balance as well as restoring physical health.

Wu Tao Dance stimulates energy flow while stretching and toning the muscles in a way that is fun, gentle, strengthening and rejuvenating.  It does not cause stress on any joints which makes it suitable for all ages.  The movements can also be easily adapted to suit you and your partner’s individual needs.

couples exercise

Wu Tao Benefits

This DVD will not only improve your relationship it will:

▪ improve your general fitness;

▪ help you to lose weight;

▪ help you deal with stress;

▪ improve your strength and flexibility

▪ Help you feel vital and full of energy all day long!

▪ To enjoy that amazing feeling AFTER dancing, where life feels richer, more full of joy – and your body is buzzing with vibrant energy.

Included on the DVD:

The 5 Core dances corresponding to the 5 Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each Dance works specifically on a pair of organs and their channels in the body, freeing up and stimulating energy flow.

Music which has been especially composed to assist you in connecting to the particular healing quality of the element, accompanying each of the dances.

One sequence of the dances with guided instruction by us to help you learn the movements at your own pace.  You can stop and start the dvd at anytime and learn as fast or slow as you like.

One sequence of the dances without guided instruction so when you know the dances well enough, you can simply put on the dvd and do the dances together with us as a visual prompt.

Life and relationships were not meant to be challenge free, but is our hope and intention that this DVD will help any and all who embark on the grand adventure of loving relationships experience more than they ever imagined possible.

Love Michelle Locke