Do you want to experience deep love, joy and connection with your partner? Welcome to the Relationship Retreat!

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▪ Would you like to experience deep love, joy and connection with your partner on a daily basis?
▪ Do you want your relationship to be more than sharing the mundane tasks of everyday living?
▪ Do you have a ‘good relationship’ but feel you could go deeper together?
▪ Do you get frustrated trying to resolve conflicts by talking?
▪ Do you have issues with your partner that never seem to get resolved?
▪ Would you like to do something with your partner that gets your body fit AND helps you resolve any difficulties?

Welcome to The Relationship Retreat!  If you are a couple looking for new ways to enhance your relationship you have come to the right place.  The Relationship Retreat is the place for you to experience and explore your relationship through the beautiful and energising medium of Wu Tao Dance. Wu Tao  is ‘The Dancing Way’ for you and your partner to reconnect, deepen, and transform  yourselves and your relationship together.

We offer a unique and easy way for you to revitalise and transform your relationship into the one you always dreamt it could be. A sacred loving relationship that honours the truth of both of you.

Perhaps you had heaps of fun and love in the beginning but after having children or living together for a while some of the ‘juice’ has diminished.  Maybe its a case of familiarity and not being able to see each other as individuals anymore.  You know you still love your partner ‘ but the passion and joy has dissipated.

Lets be honest.  No-one wants to be a relationship breakdown statistic but recent research shows that 50% (of people interviewed) said their relationship problems were caused by a lack of time to spend with their partner.  68%  said stress was a key factor.  When people were asked what caused their relationship to break down, the majority of people fell into the internal issue category, the main issues being communication, commitment and expectations. (Relationship Australia Data 2008)

Are you one of these statistics?

Most people, want to have an intimate relationship that is fun, loving, passionate, connected and peaceful.  A relationship where both partners can flourish and become the best person they can be. This is a sacred relationship. Sacred means “dedicated to or set apart for the worship of a deity (divine being). Would you like YOUR relationship to be the place where you are both seen and encouraged to be seen in this way?

Many people carry with them a heap of unresolved emotional issues. These live not only in the mind and heart, but in the cells of the body. Our intimate relationship is the place we tend to play out these hidden patterns. We often don’t know they are there until we enter into a ‘love relationship’. “Love brings up everything unlike itself” and so our intimate relationship gives us the greatest opportunity for deep healing and transformation as our partner will express, trigger and bring up for us our deepest wounds. What an opportunity! But also a great challenge.

We offer the tools for you as a couple, to transform your Self and your relationship into the highest expression of you are, as an individual and as a couple. Using dance, music and especially devised meditation techniques, we can help you to realign, balance and heal at every level of your being. Wu Tao Dance takes you out of your mind and into your body. The specially choreographed movements stimulate energy (Qi) flow and unblock the flow of energy in your organs restoring you to your natural state of energised and joyful peace. It really is that easy! Wu Tao is so easy to do and fun to learn that you don’t even notice the old patterns dropping away, you simply begin to feel lighter, happier, healthier and energised.

We often think we can resolve our conflicts by thinking them through, but too many times our thinking turns to obsessing and we end up going round in circles and getting caught in a sticky web of negative emotions and conflict. There is no peace in this. Wu Tao will take you out of this pattern and give you a new and enjoyable way to restore harmony and resolve conflict. The best thing is you get to do this together as a couple and get fit at the same time!

Every woman who has ever done Wu Tao with their partner has expressed their utter joy at sharing this experience with their man. Both men and women enjoy the deep, loving connection that is experienced through dancing so intimately together. As a physical and spiritual experience, it’s like making love but with clothes on!

  • If you are ready for a deeper connection with your partner,
  • if you are tired of struggling to resolve conflicts,
  • if you want to restore health to your body and mind,
  • if you want to experience loving intimacy, joy and lasting happiness

We invite you to join us at one of our powerfully transforming retreats. We promise to take good care of you!

Warmest regards,
Michelle Locke and Steve Richter

Creators of Wu Tao for Two